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Research Communications Strategy - Reports

1st Report  •  2nd Report  •  3rd Report  •  4th Report

Current Issues in Research Communications:
Open Access and the Research Economy - 1st Report to JISC - March 2010

This report identifies some significant issues in the practice of research communication, with special reference to methods of promoting open access to research outputs. In particular it addresses the following questions:
 • Can open access offer financial benefit to HE institutions and to the wider economy?
 • How can the costs of open access publication be met by research funders and/or institutions?
 • What is the role of an institutional repository in the management of research across an institution?

Full Report   pdf of 1st Report          Summary: Power of OA   pdf of Summary: Power of OA

Current Issues in Research Communications:
Open Access and Institutional Benefit - 2nd Report to JISC - July 2010

This report looks at some of the drivers of interest in open access and the initiatives being taken in response. In particular it addresses the following questions:
 • Is Green or Gold open access likely to be the more cost effective for HE institutions in the long term?
 • What can open access offer to libraries struggling with increases in the cost of their subscriptions to academic journals?
 • How can open access contribute to institutions' preparation for the REF?

Full Report   pdf of 2nd Report          Summary: Institutional Benefit   pdf of Summary: Institutional Benefit

Current Issues in Research Communications:
Open Access: Adding Value and Sharing Research - 3rd Report to JISC - December 2010

This report looks at the scope of current OA practice and the opportunities it offers for innovation in scholarly communication methods. Among the questions it discusses are:
 • Why are some researchers still reluctant to embrace open access?
 • What kinds of "added value" in scholarly communication can be attached to open access?
 • What is the significance for scholarly communications practice of the growth of social networking/reference management systems such as Mendeley?

Full Report  pdf of 3rd Report

Summary: Adding Value  pdf of Summary: Adding Value          Summary: Sharing Research  pdf of Summary: Sharing Research

Current Issues in Research Communications:
Open Access - The View from the Academy - 4th Report to JISC - March 2011

The topic of this report is the attitude of academic and research support staff in to Open Access: what may dissuade them from adopting it and what might persuade them of its value. It looks at the following questions:
 • What do researchers and support staff think about Open Access?
 • Is there an alternative they might prefer?
 • How might future OA advocacy be addressed?

Full Report   pdf of 4th Report          Summary: View from the Academy   pdf of Summary: View from the Academy


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