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Research Communications Strategy - Consultancy Projects

Analysis of Chemists and Economists survey on Open Access

Image of C&E Analysis Report Steve Davies
June 2011

This report describes the analysis of a survey completed by the RCS. (A brief summary of the original work can be found here.) These results should be interpreted with caution due to the small number of participating academics. Still, there are some interesting findings about: academics' knowledge of institutional and funder mandates, and the reasons they give for why they do or do not make their work Open Access. The motivations for engaging with Open Access tended to be internal, personal reasons. The need to publish in high-impact journals and the peer-review process were major concerns of academics when they choose not to participate in OA.

Further Exploration of the Views of Chemists and Economists on OA Issues in the UK

Image of C&E Analysis Report Seb Schmoller, David Jennings, Nicky Ferguson
Revised July 2011

This report describes the findings from interviews and a focus group that were completed as follow-up from a survey completed by the RCS. (A brief summary of the original work can be found here.) This work focused on the culture of academia and the reasons behind researchers' attitudes to Open Access. This report describes these findings and key issue that were discussed by academics, including: where to publish, awareness of access, repositories, mandates, advocacy, and communication. This report also summarises the themes and shared opinions by depicting six typical responses to OA.

Social Networking Sites and their role in Scholarly Communications

Image of C&E Analysis Report Duke & Jordan Ltd
May 2011

This work investigated social networking sites and their role in scholarly communication. It attempted to identify the issues and opportunities presented to the community by relevant sites, indicate current use of these sites, and forecast possible future use and effects, all in relation to the effect these sites could have on Open Access publishing. This study examined relevant social networking sites, looked at behaviour patterns of researchers using these sites for research communications and attempted to predict future trends.

Open Science Project

Image of C&E Analysis Report Sarah Currier
June 2011

The intention of this project was to build upon some of the previous work on open science by investigating the strategic and funding implications of current developments in this area, with a particular interest in their relationship with research communications more generally. Interviews with advocates and users of open science and citizen science were completed and the report draws from these.

Film clips of the interviews are available on our YouTube channel here. A briefing document is available here. A transcript of the interview with Chris Lintott is available here.

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