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Open Access Repositories Registry (OARR)

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The OARR project uses the intellectual capital of the staff of the CRC that has been gained by building and maintaining OpenDOAR together with the development skills and competencies of Cottage Labs and the Knowledge Media Institute in order to create an advanced, data driven infrastructure which will integrate with Jisc repository services. This will maximise the potential for use with third party services such as aggregators and cross search tools by allowing access to authoritative and quality controlled data through a RESTful application programming interface (API). The project is part of the Jisc Repositories and Curation and Shared Infrastructure strand.


The aim of the project is to deliver the core framework of a high quality resource, which will consist of a registry, a default Administrator user interface, a discovery interface for public use and a REST API.

Objectives of the project include:

  • Determining the long term sustainability of the operation of an open access repository registry
  • The delivery of a software stack that would enable:
    • The regular harvesting from a broad range of repositories
    • Making content publically available
    • Validated content
    • Flexibility
    • Graphical representations of the registry content
    • Third party and extension services
  • Engagement with the community on service design and the implantation of an auto-harvesting script  
  • Guides and technical documentation for administrators and repository managers


Project Management


Bill Hubbard (bill.hubbard@nottingham.ac.uk)

Project Manager

Azhar Hussain (azhar.hussain@nottingham.ac.uk)

Project Officer

Marianne Bamkin (marianne.bamkin@nottingham.ac.uk)

Service Development Officer

Jane HS Anders (jane.anders@nottingham.ac.uk)



Knowledge Media Institute


Arriving Soon


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