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Research Communications Strategy
Regional Finance Modelling Events

July 2010

The Houghton Report

The cost of open access?

Disseminating the results of scholarly research through open access may benefit your institution - but what would it cost?

We'd like to invite you to an event that will help you find out.

Your VC or PVC for Research may be planning to attend an event on June 15 at Woburn House in London organised by Universities UK and JISC, where evidence will be presented on the business case for open access publishing and repositories. The Houghton Report last year identified significant sectoral savings (over £200M pa) possible from the adoption of Open Access, but it was not clear of the implications for individual institutions. What is the balance of cost and benefit for research-led institutions? does the size of an institution alter the projections? Consultant Alma Swan, from Key Perspectives Ltd, will be introducing an economic model at this event to help individual institutions identify the costs and savings involved.

To discover how the figures work out for your own particular institution, you would be very welcome at one of our four regional follow-up events. These workshops are aimed at Research Support Offices and financial modellers, who are asked to collect certain data to bring with them to build their own customised models. All data used will be kept confidential to each institutional delegate.

Delegates will be guided by consultant Alma Swan through an enhanced version of the model used in the Houghton Report and will be able to leave with financial projections for their own institution. You will also be able to hear from representatives of other universities how open access has been implemented in their institutions, the financial implications of this and how valuable they have found it to be.

These will be intensive workshops with personal assistance in the financial modelling and so places are limited - so book early!

We are holding events in Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Leeds.


For further information on this event, please contact Mandy Hodgson (email: amanda.hodgson@nottingham.ac.uk, phone: 0115 84 68601).

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